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Are you available for my wedding date?

Please call the Studio One Photography & Video location that is closest to you: Studio Locations

Who is Studio One Photography?

Studio One Photography began as a family operation on October 1st of 1976. From the outset, Studio One Photography has been proactive in anticipating customer needs, and in working to deliver services that fulfill those needs.

Our philosophy of business has always been that of treating the client as we ourselves would like to be treated. We work efficiently to keep our prices as low as possible, keeping in mind that the single most important goal is creative images, which make our clients proud that they chose to trust their images to Studio One Photography.

Each Studio One location is operated by an owner / partner so you will be working with an owner, someone who’s livelihood depends on taking care of your needs. In a world that demands the personal touch, and expertise, ownership of studio locations is the best way to insure that each client gets high quality images and professional service.

The reason for our Studio One’s growth is that all of our staff are highly skilled, highly educated, courteous individuals who take pride in serving their clients. This attitude has built a reputation for Studio One Photography as Chicago's leading photography and video studio, particularly in the area of wedding photography.

Do you offer a payment plan?

We know that weddings are expensive and even with our low prices; money might be hard to come up with right away. We offer low deposits and can create an entirely flexible payment plan that works for you. A small deposit is all that is requested to reserve your wedding photography with us.

What style of photography does Studio One represent?

Our photographers are experienced and talented in blending the 3 major wedding photography styles: Traditional/Classic, Contemporary/Artsy, and Photojournalistic/Candid. All too often when a bride and groom select only one style, they regret it later. From experience, we know that our complete combination makes for timeless memories. You will have all your important traditional posed shots with your bridal party and family, as well as lightly posed artistic photos and candid photojournalistic photos that capture the emotions and feel of your special day. Years later, you will not regret just having chosen one style. If you tend to lean more towards one style in particular, we will be sure to accommodate – just let us know what images you find the most appealing.

Do we choose the photos in our wedding album and how can we approve the design?

Yes, of course you can choose the photos!  Our skilled album designers create the first iteration of your beautiful album layout. When it is finished, you will receive an email with login information to your album pages so that you can approve and/or modify your design prior to printing and book creation.

How long are my photos on the internet?

Internet services are activated as soon as photos are edited and reviewed by the studio. This process may take as long as 4 weeks. Internet service is active for 180 days. Additional costs will be incurred for extended viewing times over 180 days at the rate of $25.00 per month.

Can I Have my high-resolution images

Yes! Your high-resolution images along with complete copyrights are available as an option or with our services.

Can I request a specific Photographer

Requested photographers.  Studio One makes every effort to guarantee a specific photographer. We are happy to show you available photographers galleries - even ‘online’ prior to your first consultation.

Can I request different photographs to be taken?

Request Photos: The studio and its photographers will make every attempt to satisfy you and your guests’ requested photographs. We strongly suggest making a list of those individuals who are most important to you. That list should be given both to the photographer AND to one person from both the bride’s side and the groom’s side of the family, whom you designate to help the photographer gather the people. Please consider this...the photographer cannot possibly have the time to locate people, while trying to keep up with needed photos to be taken.  One bit of advice, from our experience.  To get the most value, just imagine that you are looking at these images thirty years after your wedding day... what images will be the ones that you most want to see. 

What time should I start taking photos on my wedding day?

Photographers make every effort to accomplish a 100% perfect photography day. We typically begin photography wherever the bride is getting dressed. 2 1/2 hours before the ceremony is generally just the right amount of time. Remember though to be ready on time! The results that show up in your photographs will be in direct proportion to your cooperation with the photographer.

Can we have our engagement photos taken?

Yes! It’s even included in all of our services and is a good chance to see how you look.  If you planned to have an engagement portrait done, please call us and schedule that time as soon as possible. Many couples like to do this on a Saturday and the times get taken quickly. We can make these portraits during the week as well. We photograph your portrait session indoors at the studio or outdoors at the Naperville Riverwalk. There is no finer location for this romantic session to take place. Of course, in the event of bad weather we may have to reschedule. During light showers however we can duck under one of the gazebos and make your photos there!

It’s getting close to my wedding date. What should I do?

About two or three months before your wedding day, we will email you a questionnaire. This is just a final opportunity to be sure EVERYTHING is accurate! Times, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and of course any special requests can be noted.

The week of your wedding, (on Monday or Tuesday) the assigned photographer will contact you for a personal telephone consultation. During this call, you should confirm all the times and places. Tell the photographer you likes and dislikes. Be sure and discuss any request photos as well.

How long will it take before I can see the photos

After your wedding day we will be in touch with you as soon as your images are available to be viewed online! This may take as much as 2-3 weeks! Meanwhile you may log into your Internet site and register your email address! We will notify everyone when your photos are viewable. At this point you should contact the studio and schedule a time to review your album options! Please remember that you should place your wedding album order no later than 90 days after your internet service is activated.

Should I provide a meal for the photographer?

Photographers are people too, and they get hungry during a long shooting day. They will need to eat so that they don’t pass out or lose energy. Photographing a wedding requires a lot of energy! If a meal is not provided, they will have to take thirty to sixty minutes to go out and get something nearby. If you provide a meal, our photographers will be very appreciative and eat quickly and get back to work. Most halls have a special inexpensive meal for your wedding team if money is an issue.

Should I tip my photographer?

This is completely up to you and is not required; however our photographers will graciously accept tips. If you feel that they did an exceptional job, please feel free to tip the photographer in an amount that is comfortable to you.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions